You just could not get it up to now: Blackfin is the quintessence of uniqueness. An eyewear entirely designed and built by us, far from any stereotype and designed to enhance the personality of its wearer: starting from the surface treatment, the utmost attention paid to the finishing, up to the temples which are adaptable to every face.

Blackfin redefines the concepts of lightness and strength. A meeting of technology, volumes and design, weighing only 2.4 grams.  Eyewear with a strong personality and style, so light and comfortable you hardly know it’s there.

A Blackfin frame starts life as a concept that becomes a sketch and finally a prototype. There are many steps on the way to this transformation – technical tests, colour matching, constant adjustments, backed by a wealth of knowledge. At the end of all this, what we have in our hands is sheer perfection, impeccable style and design. This is our reward for all that effort.